Cancer love horoscope for singles today

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Get wicked with your love under a Pisces Moon on Thursday and Friday. Professional or career matters will demand your attention, but your love may prefer to lay back at home with you. Make the moment count, dear Cancer. Romance will be on your mind as the week begins. The Moon in sexy Scorpio, your house of love, may cause you to forget some of the finer points that usually hold you back, so be ready for some fun!

Financial interests will kick in as the midweek comes. These will lead you in a different direction. You may have to reassess your priorities and sense of values after the sweet engagements of early in the week. There could be developments too of a romantic or business nature that will affect your personal life.


Friday is fortunate and romance with a colleague is in the stars. Mars swings into Libra, so entertaining your new squeeze at home could make more than sweet words. The weekend could see this deepening, so be ready for a wild ride. You and your love will have a lot to discuss, and adjustments to make with lifestyle and recreation. Give yourself time to make adjustments. Health and daily routines need to hit a new measure to lift your spirits and your vigour.

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There may be a sudden or dramatic change in your beloved, with important signals on Friday as passionate Mars marches into Libra. This trend continues until April 20th. But the Love Planet in the 12th House makes you more idealistic in love. You want perfection. You want a transcendent love. You want no barriers between you and your beloved — and this is not your usual temperament. Spiritual compatibility becomes as important — perhaps more important — as all the other compatibilities that people look for in a lover.

Though there be great physical chemistry between you, if the spiritual element is missing the relationship will not work — not fulfil your needs.

Cancer Love Horoscope – Cancer Relationship Predictions

Singles find love in various places this year. Until April 20th it is at organizations and group activities. Friends are often the catalyst for romantic meetings.

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But after April 20th love finds you when you go to a spiritual lecture or psychic session, or at charitable and philanthropic activities. For singles, casual love is unsatisfying. Even if the relationship is doomed, you feel better about it because it is part of your destiny. You are putting more heart into expressing yourself, learning, and connecting, and others are receptive. Hobbies are exciting, and new interests or opportunities to enjoy yourself can present themselves. Your attention is directed towards your worldly goals or reputation mid-month. While October is important for taking charge and latching onto a solid direction for making improvements to your support system and domestic world, a Full Moon challenges your excuses to stay out of the limelight or to avoid specific responsibilities.

It may be that a reward, award, or culmination of a project can occur now, and this pulls you out of your shell. There is a necessary and proper focus on your home and family life right now, but the benefits begin to drop off if you overdo it. Seek balance now for best results. While your attention to family, home life, or your inner world doesn't always vibe with a partner or friend, you'll find ways to balance things out. There are plenty of chances for generating good feelings this month, particularly around the 15th and Your particular kind of gentleness is more appealing to others than usual.

You could find that you're particularly in tune on creative levels. It's easier to enjoy yourself when you let go of negative thoughts or expectations. You're also in good shape for thinking or talking through problems and making meaningful discoveries as you do. You're putting more love and energy into your pursuits, and it's a highly successful approach.

You may recognize that you need to work on the inside or on your home base to attract more positivity into your life. The broader themes of include partnering and independence, along with your work, health, and habits, dear Cancer.

Tied into these efforts involves improving self-care programs and your health and habits. More joy can be discovered in your daily routines and your work this year, and this helps you thrive across the board. Until December, Jupiter transits your solar sixth house, boosting the availability of work as well as your joy in having a daily purpose and successful routine.

Areas of uncertainty and confusion, but also of potential inspiration, continue to be education, travel, publishing, belief systems, and personal philosophies. A partner or special friend can help reinforce your ideas, or bonding with an extended family or people with whom you share a common interest can be especially rewarding. A partner or a relationship can inspire you to reach new heights, explore new places or ideas, or to learn a new skill. A big shift this year involves Uranus transiting your social sector. You had a sneak peek of this in , and this year, it sticks with you from March forward.

Will Get Your Partner’s Support, Says Your Cancer Love Horoscope 12222

This is a lively, although colorful sporadic, transit that excites activities and connections with groups and friends for the better part of the coming seven years! Your very sense of belonging is in flux during this lengthy transit when you may be finding yourself through your associations. There can be new friendships or changing interests that connect you with an all-new crowd. Unusual or colorful people and alliances can figure strongly in your life now. You need these things to authentically reflect your personality at this stage of life. An exceptional period for studies, interests, writing, and communicating or transit arises from the last week of August through September when a concentrated focus on your solar third house suggests you should keep your eyes and ears open for exciting projects.