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Work with these qualities to realize your full potential. Your astrological chart is a unique map of your inner terrain which shows your talents and disposition.

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Following this map can help you reach your full potential. Understanding your Solar House is essential. Even if you know very little about astrology, you can still work with the map in ways that will make a big difference to your life journey. Knowing your Sun Sign will reveal a lot about you. Your Sun Sign describes in great detail what is likely to motivate and drive you.

When you know that someone else is a Leo, Gemini or Cancerian, then you can appreciate a lot more about what makes them tick. You understand their basic drives. You have a better sense of how they think, and are likely to react. But perhaps you have also noticed that not every Cancerian is the same? That every Gemini is not continually changing their mind? Your birth-chart is a multi-dimensional story, with many levels of information.

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What makes your astrology chart unique is the time and place that you were born. Knowing this lets you add more detail to your astrological story by including what are called T he Houses of the Chart. The houses relate to specific areas of life experience that connect the symbolic influences of the planets to everyday life. This adds a far more personal flavour to how you express your Sun Sign. The time of your birth makes a major impact on how you express your Sun Sign qualities.

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It will also help you identify specific skills and talents that are unique to you. Armed with this information, you can then identify those areas of experience in which you are likely to want to shine! The house in which your Sun is found very important.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

This house, or your Solar House , can be thought of as the arena of life experience in which you are most likely to want to shine. Whilst the qualities that are likely to motivate or drive you can be described by your Solar sign, where this will happen is described by your Solar House. By blending the themes and issues of your Solar Sign and House, you can create a detailed picture of the kinds of experiences you are likely to encounter along your way to becoming who you are.

Learn more here about how to find your Solar House. The Sun is the most important part of your astrology chart. The graphic below shows where the Ascendant and Midheaven are located. Notice how east is left and west is right and South is at the top.

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This is because Western astrologers, use as a starting point the position of the Sun within the landscape of the stars at the Northern hemisphere vernal equinox i. It occurs about March 21st in the Northern hemisphere and Sept 23 in the Southern hemisphere each year. The First House where Aries is natural, is the beginning point. It is the point rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, also known as the Ascendant. Your Rising Sign or Ascendant is your persona and how the world sees you and how you see through it into the world.

We will cover this further in Part II, however it is important to note now that this sign starts your wheel and the rest of the signs follow in order in the various houses. Notice that the inner ring is also divided into 12 pie-shaped sections or houses. Planets and signs and everything changes and moves in a chart, except the houses and their locations. The 1st House is located in every chart at the middle far right and flows counter-clockwise. This is why it is referred to as the stage where influences play out. Each astrological house influences different areas of your life, as shown in this graphic.

Have a look at your natal chart and note the planets within the various houses. Now look at your own chart. What sign is at the 1st house?

What planets are inside the 1st house? These planets represent different facets of who you are, expressing their energies through the signs that they occupy in your chart. Now lets have a bit of fun Here is a Quick reference to use to get a basic understanding of the interplay of energies in your chart.

Look at your chart, what planets are in Aries? If you look at my chart on the top of this article you will find, in the middle ring, Mercury at 9'52 Aries, Venus at 17'49 Aries and Jupiter at 28'56 Aries. Again, do you see the tiny symbol for Aries in between the degree numbers? Now look up your planets on your chart and find them in the table below. Write down the keywords. Keep going until you have all the keywords for all the planets in all of the signs.

THE 12 HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY - Hannah's Elsewhere

Use the single word descriptions to create and understand the energy produced through the interaction of sign and planet. For instance if you have Mercury in Aries your Mind is Fast. If you have Mercury in Capricorn it is Executive. Have fun with this to begin to interpret your chart and perhaps those for your friends.

There is much more to learn, stay tuned for other articles. Register now if you wish to receive formal instructions. There are many other factors and much more detail involved which I will cover later but this will get you started. This is where it begins good luck. Join, subscribe, like our videos and get a natal chart to begin your journey.

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Next article, coming soon "Wealth in Your Stars" Learn how to reveal the best avenues for your wealth, abundance and future through your charts. Toggle navigation. The Stage, the 12 Universal Departments of Life or Fields of Experience Notice that the inner ring is also divided into 12 pie-shaped sections or houses. Planet Symbol Description The Sun.